Tuesday, May 19, 2015


by Justin Piché, Assistant Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa

Central to the Conservative Government of Canada's punishment agenda are (dis)integration measures that make it more difficult for the criminalized to fully rejoin society after the completion of their sentences.  The first two articles in this edition of TPCP-Canada focus on the challenges arising from cuts to Circles of Support and Accountability and changes to the pardon system. 

As mainstream knowledge concerning racism grows with every new police killing of a person of colour in the United States, subtler and more mundane forms of racism go largely ignored.  The third article shares an example of the latter with our readers in the hopes of generating awareness about the discrimination that radicalized persons face on a daily basis.

With the 2015 federal election soon upon us, the next editions of TPCP-Canada will include articles that make visible the consequences of the Conservative punishment agenda.  We will also track the introduction of new 'law-and-order' legislation tabled by the federal government and opposition party responses, which will form the basis for their campaign platforms this fall.


by Adina Ilea, PhD Candidate, Criminology, University of Ottawa

by Samantha McAleese, PhD Student, Sociology, Carleton University

by Geremy Bediako, MA Student, Criminology, University of Ottawa